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ONE 2k

Play [TATTOO] - Available at @ The Men & Women Jail Event (Sept. 10th – 28th)

Only BOM System

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Noah [ANIMATION PACK] - Available at @ DUBAI Event (Aug. 20th - Sept. 10th)

Static & breathing

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Air Lux Sneakers - Available at Veilance Mainstore

For bodies Freya, Gianni, Hourglass, Jake, Legacy F, Legacy M, Maitreya & UNRIGGED

Fuego Shorts - Available at Veilance Mainstore

For bodies Gianni, Jake & Legacy M

Truly Outrageous Fashion

Meteor Glasses - Available at @ 4Seasons Event (Sept. 15th – 29th)

Includes HUD with 30 different colors


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Beer Belt - Available at @ TMD Event (Sept. 05th – 30th)

Fully mesh unrigged

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