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Modern Charm Man

Fabius Underpants - Available at @ XXX Original Event (Oct. 10th to Nov. 03rd)

For bodies Gianni, Jake e Slink

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Ravi Half Cloack - Available at @ ACCESS Event (Oct. 12th to Nov. 08th)

Orwar Claws Rings & Orwar Feet Claws

Available at Kartel Main Store

For bodies Geralt, Gianni, Legacy M, Jake & Maitreya

BERAS Animations

Avalon [BREATHING PACK] - Available at @ Samhain Event (Oct. 10th to Nov. 2nd)

Pack includes 4 poses with breathing animation.

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BINDI - Available at @ The Dark Style Fair (Oct. 09th to 31th)

Unisex accessory

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Trapped Souls [BACKDROP] - Available at @ La Vie En Pose Event (Oct. 10 to 25th)

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