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Madame Noir

Etereum Set & Enigma HD Eyes - Available at Madame Noir Mainstore

Etereum set resizable | Enigma Eyes included mesh eyes, bom eyes and applier Omega & Lelutka Evo.


Soul Collector - Available at @ We Love Roleplay (Feb. 04th to 28th).

Clover Mainstore

Clover Marketplace Store

Clover Flickr

ONE 2k

Face Darl & Vein [TATTOO] & Beard Luck - Availables at ONE 2k Mainstore

Beard Luck contains beard bom, beard mesh, eyebrow bom, eyebrow shape, hair base bom & tattoo face.

BOM System Only.


Orwar Claws - Available at Kartel Mainstore

For bodies Geralt, Gianni, Legacy M & Jake.