Lick me, bitch

Gay - Way

THE GARAGE MILANO - BDSM GAY ADULT TUNNEL 3.0 - Available at @ SWANK EVENT (Oct. 07th to 31th).


The GARAGE MILANO is a dedicated line to something industrial, not so much clean, perfect for adult sims and role-playing.

This HARD BDSM TUNNEL is devoted to adult male only, in an very direct and hard way to intend sex between men.

2 - MENU:

The menu has 2 sections: explicit gay sex and a role-play menu with different features, very kinky, especially the pissing section for a real Master/slave experience. All BDSM section gives to the slave blindfold, cuffs and collar. Chains are working after a double click on the same animation the first time, when the BDSM menu starts.

There are no cuddles or soft sex, we go straight to the point, fuck and sex is what we offer here, without too many roundabouts.

Full working mouth and tongue for your sucking experience, swallow cum and piss, lick ass holes and all the rest of men's scents.

Full bareback actions, plenty of cum, drenched bodies and dirty slippy floor.

- 9 full sequences by sex activities.

- full SPEED CONTROL on both section, sex and bdsm

- full sounds and lights

- 645 bento animations, bento hands and bento head.

- for a full porno experience, activate your camera control.


All menus/engines support Aeros, VAW and P-Cock.

- For Aeros, you will need to grant permission on yourself to let your Aeros cock working alone. Cum and piss settings are manual only.

- For VAW cock, both ANIMESH and BENTO, you will need to set API ON, flaccid animation ON and stop your ball swinging. Cum and piss settings are manual only.

- For P-Cock you will need to set the GIRTH only before sitting on the menu, as this setting is not programmable by any script. All the rest works alone.

If you sit on a menu, no matter which one, BEFORE that all scripts and configuration have loaded, cocks, bento hand and faces will NOT respond. Stand up and sit again to see them in action.


Both hands and faces are set in all engines. As there is not a standard avatar shape or head on the market, your arms could look shorter or longer as for your shape, and this could affect the bento hands results. The same goes with tongue and mouth, for which bento faces were tested for Genus, Catwa, Lelutka, Gaeg and Laq. You can DEACTIVATE BENTO FACE EXPRESSIONS in each menu under the button called ADJUST.

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