Cubura | BRABUS | Clef de Peau


Hadid Denim Shorts - Available at @ Inithium event (Jan. 18th to Feb. 08th).

For bodies Aesthetic, Kairo, Jake & Legacy M.

Cubura Mainstore


Spiky Hairbase - Available at @ MOM Event (Jan. 20th to Fev. 15th).

BOM system only | Only LEL EVO X heads.

BRABUS Mainstore

Clef de Peau

Clef de Peau.Clayton [LEL EVO X UPDATED] - Available at Clef de Peau Mainstore

Included shape for Devon & Eon heads, brow shapes, Face skin (brow & no brow), ears skin, freckles, scar & Velour tones | Show on Eon head.