A estação Joana Bezerra tá diferente


Piero [POSE] - Available at @ Abstrakt event (Sept. 15th to Oct. 05th).

TREVES! Mainstore

Thirst Menswear

Regular Fit Jeans - Available at @ EQUAL10 (Sept. 10th to Oct. 05th). For bodies Jake & Legacy.

Thirst Menswear Mainstore


Carmen jacket & Mesh top - Availables at @ Salem (Sept. 24th to Oct. 22th).

For bodies Legacy M, Enzo, Jake & Kairo.

Save an extra 10% on Cubura items (Events & Mainstore) with the promo code Ram0n90 (see here for instructions).

Cubura Mainstore

Synnergy Tavis

Train Station Scene - Available at Synnergy Tavis Mainstore

Will be on sale for 90L from September 16th - 19th| 215Li.